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NMW Direct warn on new Minimum Wage legislation
NMW Direct Ltd a South Manchester-based company that protects businesses from suffering financial damage and reputational damage to their company brand, is warning companies about imminent government legislation that will affect UK employers.
Jennifer Morris NMW Direct, said: “Many employers are unaware they are breaching NMW legislation, leaving their businesses vulnerable to fines imposed by HMRC (currently fines are up to £20K per underpaid worker). In addition, HMRC will name and shame non-compliant employers in the media.
“This amount of reputational damage is an operational risk that no business can afford.”
With the introduction of the National Living Wage in April 2016, the government has significantly strengthened the enforcement and compliance budget, creating new teams throughout the UK, who will strictly enforce the legislation. Additionally the penalties have also been increased for those who break the rules including:
G Penaltiesincreasedto200%
G Directorsmaybestruckofffor15years.
Jennifer said “Many reputable, high street companies have already been caught out by this complex legislation, and we urge employers not to leave their businesses vulnerable to prosecution, financial or reputational damage.”
For help and guidance visit:
One area of their expertise is National Minimum Wage (NMW) & National Living Wage (NLW) legislation. Their team of experts have many years of experience, including first-hand practical knowledge of the complexities of the National Minimum Wage rules.
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