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Experienced? Able? Driven?

The BW3 Mentoring Programme needs YOU!

BW3 is helping Wythenshawe start 2014 with confidence, experience and enthusiasm, thanks 
to a new project aimed at Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, Business Mentoring.

The business Tyler Lappage, Accountant, Nabarro Poole Ltd, said: “Running your 
mentoring own business can be a big change for people and one of the most 
programme is difficult things to adapt to is the sense of isolation and the feeling 
designed to pair new that you are on your own.
business owners with 
“The business mentoring programme will give people the 
their more opportunity to meet and speak confidentially about issues that are 
counterparts to affecting their small business and will give people a chance to 
provide them with
sound out their ideas to someone who has been there before. I have 
support and guidance on business related topics in order to enable a mentor who helps me in business and it is something that I 
believe every small business owner should have.”
them to reach their full potential.
BW3 is currently looking for Business Mentors to assist on the 
The one to one relationship will assist the small business owner in a programme - a mentor is someone with more business 
number of key areas:
experience than the Mentee - who serves as a trusted confidante 
G over an extended period of time. Why do they do this? First and 
G Bettermanagementandstrategicskills
foremost as a way of giving back to their community - and to 
G Improvedbusinessskillsandawareness
society at large.
G They may do it to develop their skills as a teacher, manager, 
G Broadenedhorizons;anotherperspective
strategist, or consultant. And a true mentoring relationship also 
G Raisedaspirationsandachievement
works in both directions, they learn about
G new ideas from the Mentee just as
The business mentors will be chosen from a broad range of the Mentee learns timeless BW3 
backgrounds in order to establish meaningful relationships wisdom from them.
between the mentor and small business owner. The BW3 Business 
BW3 Business
coordinator, Bob Bell, working alongside Phil Duffield and Tyler 
Lappage, are looking for enthusiastic people from the Networking Club
Wythenshawe area who would like to take part in the programme.
Part of BW3’s mission is to
ensure that small businesses of 
Wythenshawe and the surrounding

area get the support they need to be 
successful in growing their own business, so 
contributing to the overall success of 

As an entrepreneur, networking is a key
News, Press Releases, Editorial
Editor; Ed Vaughan
activity that is not only fun, but critical to their personal growth 
and business development. Building a successful business takes a E: T: 0161 945 6015
lot of time and drive, so it’s good to have a network of friends and 
associates to draw energy from and keep them going. By Advertising Sales/Recruitment Advertising

surrounding themselves with people who share a similar drive Heather Stanley
and ambition, they are more likely to move forward as a group.
E: T: 0161 945 6015
Networking can help them meet people, build mutually beneficial M: 07735 036267
business relationships and maintain established contacts. It can 

provide a lifeline of support and business generation.
BW3 is looking to start a Business Networking club in the next E: T: 0161 945 6015
few months and are actively looking for members to join.

General Enquiries
If you are interested in becoming a Business Mentor and think E: T: 0161 945 6015
you have the necessary skills or would like to join the Business 

Networking club, please contact one of the following:
Lift-Off Publications Ltd
Suite 2, South Court, Sharston Road, Manchester M22 4SN
Phil Duffield
Tyler Lappage
T: 0161 945 0655
T: 0161 998 4278
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Front cover: Manchester Day 2013. Photograph © Ed Vaughan.

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